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Guiding Visions to Success

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Guiding Visions to success
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We all know that dreams can carry a very important message. Some dreams can lead a person to success, but how do you discover your purpose through your dreams? What would your life look like if you were living your dreams? Could you find yourself on top of your game by using your unique personality to bring to life the very thing that you were born to do? This is referred to as “UNLOCKING THE DREAM THAT IS LOCKED INSIDE OF YOU”. How do you create the dream that is in your heart? There is an effective way to discover your dream. There is a way for you to make your dream a reality so that you can start to live your best life. “HOW TO UNLOCK THE DREAM THAT IS LOCKED INSIDE OF YOU” by Dr. Jamila Edmunds… is a powerful book that will guide you step by step on your journey to discovering your purpose and your destiny. This book is sure to cause you to examine the deeper things that lie inside of you that is waiting to be revealed. This book will also help you to expand many areas in your life including your potiential earning power. To Contact the author you may email Dr. Edmunds at or you may write at 1631 Rock Springs Rd. ste 120 Apopka, Fl. 32712